Saturday, June 15, 2019

Pentecost Sunday 2019 and onward

On Pentecost Sunday 2019 the Holy Spirit spoke these kind gentle words, answering questions that I and others have about our present situation in the church and the world.
The Holy Spirit likes to fill me in on the goings on around the world at Mass on Sundays.
On Pentecost of 2019 I heard several encouraging statements about the Church and the world.

1. I had a vision of a tall ship sailing full ahead with one sail not quite catching the wind as it should. The Holy Spirit said, "There will always be problems in the church as it is a human institution that is intruded upon by the sin of the world."
2. When the priest spoke about the importance of St. Pope John Paul's Theology of the body, the Holy Spirit spoke again: "Jesus is calling only strong courageous men."
3. As many of us consider that we are living in a world at war the Holy Spirit spoke: "World War II was much worse as Hitler was Satan himself.

I am often concerned about the numbers of infants and young people who are being killed off by abortion or drugs and binge drinking etc.. "I can replenish the population of the earth very quickly."
4. I was given the understanding that all will be well if we keep praying and guiding ourselves and others back to Jesus.

And last but not least He spoke about His, and our, beloved Pope Francis.
"Pope Francis has taken on a world drenched in sexual depravity and lies. He is not a coward. His job is to bring the WORLD to its knees."

I am including the Medjugorje prayer below for any one who has yet to begin, or wishes to begin again, the process of transforming their hearts to be more like Jesus, the Son of God. My husband and I went to Medjugorje 30 years ago. The Holy Mother of God has been with us ever since. There is a certain feel to her presence. She said in one of her messages, "I will come to you in the wind." I have felt that at different times over the years. I have a life drenched in the problems of the world. She comes on the wind and dries me off so I can continue my journey toward heaven.

Medjugorje Prayer for Healing:
(English translation in video)

May you be blessed in loving Jesus and Mary.
Margaret of Souls for Jesus 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May 2nd, 2019 - Medjugorje Message

“Dear children, with a motherly love I am calling you to respond to the great love of my Son, with pure and open hearts, with complete trust. I know the greatness of His love. I carried Him within me, the Host in the heart, the light and the love of the world. My children, also my addressing you is a sign of the love and tenderness of the Heavenly Father—a big smile filled with the love of my Son, a call to eternal life. Out of love, the Blood of my Son was shed for you. That Precious Blood is for your salvation, for eternal life. The Heavenly Father created man for eternal happiness. It is not possible—for you who know the love of my Son and who follow Him—to die.

Life triumphed; my Son is alive. Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, may prayer show you the way and the means of spreading the love of my Son—prayer in the most exalted form. My children, also when you strive to live the words of my Son, you are praying. When you love the people whom you meet, you are spreading the love of my Son. It is love that opens the doors of Paradise. My children, from the beginning, I prayed for the Church. Therefore, I am also calling you, apostles of my love, to pray for the Church and her servants—for those whom my Son called. Thank you.”

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Medjugorje Message May 28th, 2019

Medjugorje: The day Our Lady hinted at Christ’s return to earth in special message to Mirjana: “When my Son comes to the earth, anew” …Therefore, pray by doing, pray by giving, pray with love

On August 2, 2017, Our Lady revealed a message to the world for unbelievers not heard before of this kind.
“According to the Will of the Heavenly Father, as the mother of Him who loves you, I am here with you to help you to come to know Him and to follow Him.
My Son has left you His foot-prints to make it easier for you to follow Him. Do not be afraid. Do not be uncertain, I am with you. Do not permit yourselves to be discouraged because much prayer and sacrifice are necessary for those who do not pray, do not love and do not know my Son.

You help, by seeing your brothers in them. Apostles of my love, hearken to my voice within you, feel my motherly love.

Therefore pray, pray by doing, pray by giving, pray with love, pray in work and thoughts, in the name of my Son. All the more love that you give, so much more of it you will also receive. Love which emanates from love illuminates the world. Redemption is love, and love has no end.

When my Son comes to the earth anew, He will look for love in your hearts. My children, many are the acts of love which He has done for you. I am teaching you to see them, to comprehend them and to thank Him by loving Him and always anew forgiving your neighbors.

Because to love my Son means to forgive. My Son is not loved if the neighbor cannot be forgiven if there is not an effort to comprehend the neighbor, if he is judged. My children, of what use is your prayer if you do not love and forgive? Thank you.”

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Prayer is a Battle

The Catechism tells us that “prayer is a battle,” and, “The ‘spiritual battle’ of the Christian’s new life is inseparable from the battle of prayer” (no. 2725). We do not expect battles to be easy or consoling. We expect them to be dangerous and difficult. Of course, prayer is sometimes consoling, and it leads to abiding peace and joy. But before we experience that peace and joy, we have to fight against ourselves, the pull of the world, and the Devil. We cannot triumph before we take up the sword.
The Catechism goes on to say, “In the battle of prayer, we must face in ourselves and around us erroneous notions of prayer. Some people view prayer as a simple psychological activity, others as an effort of concentration to reach a mental void.  Still others reduce prayer to ritual words and postures” (2726). The first skirmish is understanding that prayer is, at heart, a conversation with God.
The same paragraph says, “Many Christians unconsciously regard prayer as an occupation that is incompatible with all the other things they have to do: they ‘don’t have the time’.” We might suppose, then, that our next battle is carving out time for prayer. I believe something else must come first, however. 
Once when talking to an acquaintance who was a college professor, I asked him what he had been reading lately. He replied, “I don’t have time to read.” No doubt he was busy. But my thought then and now was, You really mean that reading is not one of your priorities. I have always loved reading. No matter how busy I have been, from working three jobs to caring for an infant, I have always made time to read. 
We can apply this to prayer. If your first reaction to the thought of starting a prayer routine is, “I don’t have the time,” aren’t you saying that you think other things more important? Don’t get me wrong. I understand that you are busy. I am busy too. But can you be too busy for God? If you wanted to spend time regularly with your spouse but were always told, “Sorry, I’m just too busy,” that would not be a good sign for your marriage. In a healthy marriage, spouses make spending time together a priority. So it is in a healthy relationship with God.
Rarely is anyone too busy to eat. We attempt to get adequate sleep no matter how full our schedule is. We make time for whatever is most important to us. Our next battle, then, is to embrace the importance of prayer, to make it a priority. If it is one of our top priorities, we will somehow find the time to pray regularly.
We know we cannot live a healthy life without enough food and sleep. We must embrace the truth that without daily prayer we cannot have a healthy spiritual life. We must embrace the truth that spiritual health is even more important than physical health. When we do so, we will no more skip praying than we will skip eating or sleeping. 
Prayer is a battle. It requires fighting the mindset of the world that other tasks are more important. Until we conquer this mindset, we will never be faithful in prayer.