Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Lady of America - her time has come

We are not alone, there is nothing new under the sun, there is a time and a season for everything. 

Did you have a mother who always seemed to know when trouble was a foot in the house hold. When one or more of the children was getting out of line and even before the rebellious act took place?? The Mother of God would be much better at knowing her childrens need for correction than us earthly Moms. 

There is an apparition of Our lady that took place over fifty years ago. It has been approved by the Bishop for over fifty years. The Mother of God has called the children of America to Purity. This was taking place while the most serious sexual rebellion in history was also taking place. 

This was taking place in the late 50’s.  I came across this message 15 years ago.  All I could imagine is that this poor nun and our Mother were truly ignored and very out dated. I also thought we are well beyond a call to purity. I was wrong, as I have been many times, I was so very wrong. At this point in history I believe the call to purity must be sounded louder than ever. I believe that life has become so dark many more people will want to look for a remedy in order that we might save some of those who are so confused about the meaning of life and the natural law.  For what purpose were we created and who shall decide what happens to creation. Man and woman he created them both. 

I am urging anyone who reads this blog to go to Read and listen to the entire article. Understand that the grace needed for us to turn this ship around comes from a Mother who is vigilant and expects the church to back up all the lay people who work tirelessly to educate the world on the Christian meaning of life. The only way to be happy on this earth and even happier with God in heaven. We have a lot to do and a lot to go through but the spokes are all in place. We need the Bishops and the Pope to join us and fulfill Mothers request to enshrine Our Lady of America at the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Washington DC. 

Write letters, pray, make acts of reparation, incite others to do the same. Our ship has listed as far as it can go, lets use our weighty prayers and petitions to the vatican to right this wonderful ship and sail proudly to the world as One Holy Catholic and Apostolic  Church. The time is now the hour is late, nothing is impossible for God. When Our lady appeared in Portugal she said there would not be war on there soil and there was no war on there soil when the entire world was at war. She has promised miracles, she will provide as any mother would. She will comfort the sinner and the saint. She will provide the grace of Love, insuring all her children return to the foot of the cross. 

Jesus said to me,"Love will bring all mankind to my feet." His loving Mother will teach us how to love him.  The world will be ready for another  generation. A peaceful, nonviolent generation capable of fulfilling the request of Christ, "Love one and other as I have loved you."

Margaret of Souls for Jesus, Contemplative.